Each item regardless of size undergoes a minimum of 3 ½ hours of preparation consisting of:

  • 30 minutes soaking in acetone to remove any traces of grease/oils and other contaminants
  • 60 minutes out-gassing to remove/highlight any contaminants
  • 120 minutes baking the Cerakote onto the item

Disassembly is included in the overall price at $50 an hour to strip and assemble an item.

If a colour is selected that is not in stock it will need ordering which usually takes about 7 working days to arrive.

Services (military, Police, Ambulance, Fire Service) receive a 10% discount on proof of service.

Typically the controls and parts with tight fitting tolerances will not be coated. Safeties and pins etc will be coated on seen surfaces only so that the coating does not interfere with operation of the mechanisms (this also brings the price down as less product is used).

If any special masking is required just make it clear when ordering the work.

Some polymer/plastic/fibreglass components, especially rifle stocks can not tolerate heat and this must be advised before hand.

Scopes can be coated but ask before doing this. Caps will be painted same colour/pattern as scope unless advised.  Special caps will be masked.

CompleteOne colour (incl 2 mag bases)250.00
CompleteTwo colours (incl 2 mag bases of one of the selected colours)280.00
CompleteThree colours (incl 2 mag bases of one of the selected colours)300.00
CompleteCamo pattern+150.00
CompleteKryptek (incl 2 mag bases)450.00
Slide onlyOne colour120.00
Frame onlyOne colour120.00
MagazineOne colour (one of the selected colours)20.00
HardwareOne colour (controls etc)25.00
BoltOne colour (non-wearing surfaces, no face extractor etc)60.00
ActionOne colour (incl bolt of same colour)250.00
Metal componentsOne colour (bolt, action, barrel of same components colour)350.00
StockOne colour220.00
Scope ringsSame colour as action or barrel25.00
Upper and lower receivers and handguards, stripped
– One colour280.00
– Two colours320.00
– Three colour cam pattern520.00
– Four colour cam pattern550.00
Scope mounts, one piece (one of the selected colours)40.00
AR upper and lower, stripped200.00
AR stock100.00
Adjustable multi part stock150.00
Standard glass One colour100.00
Target/tactical One colour130.00
Three colour cam pattern250.00